starting  prices
Classic Manicure $27
Signature Manicure with Paraffin Dip $37
File and Polish $18
Sports Manicure $25
Classic Pedicure $40
Signature Pedicure with Paraffin Dip $50
Sports Pedicure $35
Shellac Manicure $40


Brow $15 Lip $10
Brow and Lip $23 Chin $10
Cheeks $20 Full Face $50
Full Leg $70 Half Leg $50
Underarms $20 Arms $35
Full Back

starting at

$50 Bikini starting at $30
Brazilian $65 Nose $10
Maintenance Brazilian $50 Ear $15
Brow Tint $15
Lash Tint $20


Application/lesson $40 Airbrush makeup $65


Our expert estheticians will recommend the appropriate treatment after a thorough evaluation of your skin.
Skin Resonance calm  A desensitizing and reinforcing treatment for sensitive and delicate skin.  Also recommended for skin with rosacea.  $85
Hydramemory hydrate  A deeply hydrating treatment resulting in renewed moisture and silkiness.  $85
Sublime Skin-Renew-Firm-Replump A complete system to correct the signs of aging for an “active lifting” effect from within the skin.  $120
Active Pureness Rebalancing purify  Acne is effectively treated by reducing excess oil, soothing and repairing any irritation, and reducing and calming both surface and cystic acne.  $90
Sublime Facial+Microderm  A  complete system to correct the signs of aging for an “active lifting” effect from within the skin.  Immediately followed by a diamond tip microdermabrasion.  $135
Ultimate Facial  A sublime facial followed by our most powerful anti-aging treatments to include microdermabrasion, ultrasonic and microcurrent LED. When using all three you will see a lift in one treatment.  $250
Absolute Pearl brighten  Progressively lightens discolored areas and oxygenates to restore even tone and luminous skin.  $90
Introductory Teen Facial  An educational facial treatment to focus on a teenager’s specific skincare needs.  $50
Sublime Mini Facial A facial treatment to focus on your skincare needs, anti-aging, reforming and replumping.  $50
Facial Enhancements
Sublime Peel $20 Sublime Mask $20
Microcurrent & LED $70 Ultrasonic $30


Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion

With use of vacuum suction, collagen production is stimulated, increasing elasticity.  Diamond tips are used to refine the skin and reduce hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles.  It is recommended to start with a series of three.
Series of three $300
Series of six $600
Single Session $115
Sublime Peels
This unique alpha hydroxy acid treatment utilizes powerful resurfacing acids to improve enlarged pores, rough skin texture, fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and the condition of acne while imparting the power of vitamin C, with its antioxidant properties, to brighten and tone the skin.
Series of three $135
Series of six $280
Single Session $50
The Ultimate Facial Series
 A sublime facial followed by our most powerful anti-aging treatments to include microdermabrasion, ultrasonic, and microcurrent LED. When using all three, you will see lift in 1 treatment.
Series of three $700
Single Session $250


Skin Renewal

Body Smoothie   Full body exfoliation followed by a 1 hour massage with one of our luxurious body creams.    (seasonal) $120
Veggie Wrap  Full body wrap followed by a fruity peel, full body scrub and a 30 minute massage.   (seasonal) $125
D-Age Skin Repair Ideal for new Moms, counteracts lack of skin tone; decreases the appearance of stretch marks. $85
Tranquility Pro Sleep Massage  Recommended to relax, reduce anxiety and sleep well. $110

Shape and Tone

These spa treatments provide internal stimulation, in varying degrees of intensity, to promote increased metabolism, a stimulated immune system, and increased energy. These may be recommended as a series.
Modelling Algae Wrap-Slimming*  Treats stretch marks and appearance of cellulite; contains algae, mineral salts and other marine compounds. $95
Intensive Cellulite Treatment oxygenating, remineralizing & draining-not full body $75
Double Action Cellulite Treatment tonifying, firming and remodeling-not full body $75
Full Body Double Action Cellulite Treatment    Tonifying, firming and remodeling $125
Vital Leg Detoxifying improved circulation & reduced swelling $65


60 Minute Swedish $70 90 Minute Swedish $100
30 Minute Swedish $45
60 Minute Deep Tissue $80 90 Minute Deep Tissue $110
30 Minute Deep Tissue $55
Aromatherapy Massage $80
Hot Stone Massage $110

Massage Enhancements

These are a few of our add-on services to enhance the effects of your massage.
Aromatherapy $10 Body Vitaminnourishing $15
Shea Butter intense moisture $10   Hot Stones $10